Diversidad: L’Oréal pone en marcha una herramienta de control diario

Gracias a un panel de control compuesto por treinta indicadores, L’Oréal puede medir actualmente y de forma permanente sus campañas contra la discriminación y para fomentar la diversidad, a escala internacional y dentro de las entidades del Grupo.

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L’Oréal has always placed people at the center of the company, and done so with a vision for the long term. The development of men and women is one of the key factors behind the group’s economic and social performance.

The desire to carry out an active policy in diversity – as an agent of progress, innovation, and creation of social ties – has been evident for many years, growing richer over time with the group’s growth.

Recognized as one of the world’s most attractive companies for young graduates and most formative environments for developing leadership among its managers, L’Oréal is always looking to find a balance between constantly improving its efficiency and enriching its pool of talent, at all levels and in all countries.

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