World Aids Day 2007: L’Oréal Mobilises Through Its Hairdressers Against Aids Programme Grupo

Nearly 100,000 hairdressers worldwide will participate in this special day against AIDS.

Clichy, France, November 28th 2007 – On the occasion of World AIDS day on December 1st, L’Oréal will mobilise nearly 100,000 hairdressers worldwide through its Hairdressers against AIDS programme in partnership with UNESCO. L’Oréal will rely on its 190 training centres and 3,000 educators around the world to convey a strong message in the fight against AIDS. This initiative, launched in South Africa by L’Oréal in 2001, has been progressively rolled out and is present today in 15 countries.

Over the last year, the commitment to the programme has increased considerably. In 2007, Hairdressers against AIDS is operating in France, South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil, China, UK, Italy, India, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Malaysia and Argentina, and should be running on every continent by the end of the year.

The purpose of this initiative is to bring awareness to a potentially vast population, by introducing specific educational modules on HIV/AIDS prevention within hairdressers’ training programmes. On December 1st Hairdressers who have joined the programme will actively address the issue of AIDS with the general public in an effort to raise the awareness of the disease and its prevention.

In recognition for Business Excellence
The Hairdressers against AIDS initiative received in 2006 the prestigious award for Business Excellence from the Global Business Coalition, an international organization which brings together 227 companies committed to fight against HIV/ AIDS on a worldwide basis.

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