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Por segundo año consecutivo, se ha celebrado una feria privada de innovación en los embalajes, Cherry Pack 2, en Francia, en el seno de L’Oréal.

Report from the Cherry Pack 2 exhibition on November 23 and 24, 2011

The report takes place at the Cherry Pack 2 exhibition on November 23 and 24, 2011.

The exhibitors are asked a question: What does the Cherry Pack bring to L’Oréal suppliers?

− Carole Grassi, Category Manager of Cosmetics Markets at Rexam, explains that, while preparing for the exhibition, L’Oréal revealed the consumer trends that they would be working on. This was an critical piece of input, allowing them to develop packaging solutions in harmony with trends.

− For Jean-Stanislas Orlowski, Management Committee Advisor at LF Beauty, the exhibition is the opportunity to manage a long-term partnership with L’Oréal.

− Günter Pohlmann, Sales and Marketing Director at RPC, explains that he meets a lot of important managers at the exhibition – people from marketing teams and Production & Innovation. They are interested in what is new and in the innovations presented.

− Tim Eaves, Chief Executive Officer of Quadpack Yonwoo, and Daniel Cha, Export Business Director at Yonwoo, see L’Oréal’s initiative as a chance to meet marketing and product teams, to test new ideas and to refine them in order to subsequently put them on the market more quickly.

− Stephan Bestehorn, Managing Director of Sales at RLC, sees an opportunity for dialog and an answer to L’Oréal’s needs.

− For Maxime D’Haussy, Managing Director of Bioplan France, the order of the day is innovation. It’s a day to show that packagers – thanks to partnerships with clients as well as outside partners – can also develop interesting, innovative products and meet expectations that are either clearly defined or implied.

− Hubert Varlet, Managing Director of the Pochet group, sees the exhibition’s two days as a way to save time, allowing for future integration and increased effectiveness in product design.


The L’Oréal participants are asked a question: What does Cherry Pack represent for L’Oréal?

− For Christophe Guesnet, Managing Director of Purchasing, it’s a symbol of trust created with the suppliers at the exhibition, who present concepts and products already available or products in development which have yet to be patented.

− Philippe Thuvien, Managing Director of Packaging and Development at L’Oréal, sees a major contribution to their relationship with suppliers. It’s an exhibition that accelerates packaging innovation because all the suppliers present short and long-term innovations to all the group’s brands.

− Manon Nguyen-Cat, Marketing Director at Diesel, finds motivation in the exhibition because it allows her to view feasible projects; right away, teams can see into the future and find practical ideas.

− Jean-Paul Agon, Chief Executive Officer, hopes to invite a dozen exhibitors next year to develop this partnership between suppliers and L’Oréal teams. He concludes: “It’s a very smart way to develop our business together.”


The exhibitors are asked a new question: How do L’Oréal’s suppliers account for sustainable development?

− Carole Grassi, Category Manager of Cosmetics Markets at Rexam, explains that, as with L’Oréal, sustainable development is important at Rexam. That is why they develop products based on three themes: reduction, recycling and refilling.

− Jean-Stanislas Orlowski, Management Committee Advisor at LF Beauty, replies that in the prestige sector, eco-design will come with added value and the ability to refill products.

− For Günter Pohlmann, Sales and Marketing Director at RPC, sustainable development is a central issue; they are working on renewable materials and, in comes cases, are integrating recycled materials.

− Maxime D’Haussy, Managing Director of Bioplan France, is working on an approach resembling refillable bags – technology to which society is already committed – or single-material perfume samples with a minimum of components for easy sorting.

− Stephan Bestehorn, Managing Director of Sales at RLC, has a main goal of significantly saving resources from the very beginning of the process. The company was therefore altered to become a “lean” manufacturer, focusing on the consumer portion and eliminating waste, all while offering an attractive product. 

− For Pierre Marand, Chief Executive Officer of Qualipac, Pochet group, it begins with eco-design, a concern shared by all the teams at Pochet. In everything they produce, at every step, they think about consuming less energy, recycling products and outflow better with certain technologies, and reducing the use of solvents, when treating surfaces, for example. A long-time concern of the group, it is work done by the teams on a daily basis.

Siete proveedores de embalajes – Jackel, Rexam, RPC, Yonwoo, RLC, Bioplan y el Grupo Pochet – a los que informó de antemano el departamento de Investigación y Marketing, fueron seleccionados por un equipo multisectorial de L’Oréal. Los proveedores de embalajes, pertenecientes a todos los ámbitos, presentaron sus últimos avances. Tuvieron la oportunidad de conversar con 700 empleados de L’Oréal, entre los que se encontraban directivos de marcas internacionales, con el fin de estimular la innovación y el lanzamiento de nuevos productos.

Al hacer que estos proveedores participen activamente en la estrategia, conseguimos que sean socios reales del desarrollo del Grupo.

  • Cherry Pack, a private exhibition for innovation in packaging, organized by L’Oréal France
  • Seven packaging suppliers came to present their innovations.
  • More than 700 L'Oréal employees were able to meet with selected suppliers
  • Goal of the Cherry Pack: To stimulate innovation and the launch of new products

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